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Fics [FFVII]

Title: Externals
Author: Nami
Beta: Anonymous ;*
Pairing: Zack/Cloud
Raiting: T
Genre: miniature
Warnings: light d/s themes
Word Count: 500
Summary: They thought they knew everything.


Cloud ate his dinner so fast he almost choked on his potatoes. He coughed, but didn't slow down. It was a common thing to eat ShinRa's meals fast; you never knew what you were eating. But the boy was setting a new record.

“Strife, be careful. Has something happened?” asked Mike, one of his classmates.

Strife swallowed a last bite of something that looked suspiciously like Bahamut meat.

“No. Zack's coming back from his mission.” He stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “See you later, guys!”

Cloud almost ran to the exit, ignoring Mike's 'Remember about protection!' and everyone’s laughter.


Zack was sitting on his bed, drying his hair, dressed only in cotton pants. Cloud's mouth watered at the sight. He needed all of his self-control not to just jump on his boyfriend.

“Hey, Cloud,” Zack smiled, throwing the towel away. He looked even better than always: wet and half-naked. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.” But the boy wasn't looking at him. His eyes were glued to the whip on the First's bedside table. He had missed it, too... “I had some problems with my unit” he admitted, standing next to the furniture.

“Did they do something?” Zack put an arm around his waist and nuzzled Cloud's hair with his nose; it sent shivers down his partner's back. The older boy smelled like aloe and something familiar, like mountain air. That cologne for his birthday was a great idea. “Do I need to talk with someone? Kick some asses?”

The cadet shook his head. “Nah, they just were teasing me about the hickey you left on my neck.”

“Really?” Cloud felt as Zack tensed, and smiled. They were talking about it and yet...

“Yes” He turned to his lover with the whip in his hand, smiling coldly. “I told you 'no marks', didn't I?” He trailed the whip from the First's neck to the bulge in his pants, smacking it lightly. Zack groaned, his blue eyes half-closed in pleasure. But in them Cloud saw desire and need, too. “You were bad puppy... I think a little punishment is necessary.” The raven haired teenager moaned again. “Start with licking my boots and then we will decide if I should forgive you.”

Before he finished his sentence Zack was already on his knees with his head bowed in submission. Cloud smiled. The sight of the First as he was now, completely in his control, and with his tongue touching his boots, was addictive.

“Hands on your back”

“Yes, sir”

The cadet almost laughed, and leaned against the bedside table, playfully rubbing the whip in Zack's hair. Those red lips were now kissing the material on his calf. I wonder what Sephiroth would say if he saw you like this.

Because, whatever other people were thinking, they were wrong. It was Cloud holding the strings.

Title: Illusion
Pairing: Highlight to see: *Zack/Cloud; past Angeal/Cloud *
Raiting: NC-17
Beta: Anonymous
Genre: one-shot
Warning: highlight to see: *character death*


“Oh Gaia...” Cloud moaned, arching his back. Angeal thrusted deathly slow, smiling when the cadet groaned loudly and tried to make him move faster. Pale, almost white hands burrowed themselves in black hair, tugging. The man hid his face in Cloud's hair, breathing deeply. One of his hands was stroking the boy's penis, the other one was holding the back of his head.

Cloud loved when they were making love like this: slowly and sweetly, just after Angeal came back from a mission, when they had all night. He closed his eyes chanting, “Yes, yes, like this,” and moved his palms from the SOLDIER's neck to his back; nails leaving red marks on sun-kissed skin.

Strife opened his eyes – when had he closed them anyway? - looking at Angeal with raw, true emotion he couldn't hide. The man's eyes widened at the sight and...

“I love you.”

… the illusion disappeared.

Cloud shut his eyes tightly, desperately trying to not let the illusion go away, but it was too late. Suddenly it wasn't Angeal who was holding him, kissing and caressing him. Suddenly he remembered that his lover was... dead.

“Cloud?” Zack sounded alarmed.

“I love you too” said Strife. 'You so resemble Angeal' was what he didn't add. Instead, Cloud smiled quickly, pretending that nothing had happened. His heart was aching, but instead of pushing Zack away, stopping this farce, he only pulled the First closer, kissing his jaw. “Zack, please, move...”

Zack moved and Cloud closed his eyes again; this time he didn't forget who was inside him, whose smell was surrounding him, whose lips these were. This time it was Zack, and Zack alone, and Strife wanted to cry. But he didn't. Cloud let himself drown in pleasure, disappearing into it.

Cloud had fallen asleep, but Zack still couldn't. Fair touched the blond's lips with his fingertips, kissing his closed eyes.

“Tomorrow, in Nibelheim, you will introduce me to your mother as your boyfriend, right?” Zack took the cadet into his arms. He was shaking. “If you only knew... I'm really a horrible person, aren't I? I wouldn't have killed him if I had known about you two...I love you, I love you so much... You will love me someday, I know it.” He sighed deeply, carefully tightening his arms around his precious sleepy cadet.

Despite his tiredness Zack couldn't sleep. He spent that night hugging Cloud and kissing his neck, thinking about everything: new missions, assignments, everything but this.

But if he looked at his lover's face, he'd see that the boy's eyes were wide open, and full of tears that never fell.



Jan. 24th, 2012 09:02 am (UTC)
Zack on his knees and Cloud with whip in hands - such a beautiful mental image, don't you think? ;) Especially if Cloud would be in his clothes from AC *.*

I love making my characters suffer :3 I'm also an evil so I don't tell you what Cloud will do now ;p He sleeps with Zack because he reminds him Angeal and now, knowing that Zack killed him, he might be a little angry...
I feel inspiration for a sequel. Or prequel. It's your fault ;p

Thanks for your review! :)

Edited at 2012-01-25 07:20 pm (UTC)